About our company



Asia Risk Research Center is a company that specializes in studying the socio-political and trade and economic situation in East Asia, providing various kinds of consulting services in terms of researching the general situation and risks, as well as narrow, deep, specialist research on specific issues.


The geography of our projects covers a vast region of East Asia, including the Korean Peninsula (South and North Korea), China, the states of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand) and others.

The company’s head office is in Seoul (Republic of Korea), and we also have our representatives and experts working with us in China (Beijing), Hong Kong, DPRK (Pyongyang), Singapore and Russia (Moscow and Vladivostok).


The Asia Risk Research Center employs a close-knit team of qualified experts with broad, in-depth knowledge of politics, strategy, diplomacy, security, economics, trade, technology, culture and public relations issues in East Asia.

Our experts include both expatriates who have lived in the region for decades, local experts as well as top-class researchers who have long devoted themselves to the study of East Asia. We have an extensive network of connections and contacts in political, business, public, official,

journalistic and academic circles in the countries of the region whose knowledge, skills and experience we are ready to fully put to use in the interests of our clients.


The main focus of our work is concentrated on the Korean Peninsula (both the southern part - the Republic of Korea, and the northern part - the DPRK), but we are also actively involved in any issues affecting the relations of these states with other countries.


The spectrum of our clientele is extensive - from large corporations and scientific and research institutes to small companies and private individuals interested in obtaining qualified services in terms of information and consulting support for their business and other activities.